Where Do Roaches Hide?

Roaches hide everywhere. They like to be in dark, damp, wet areas. They also like to eat food. So, where are you going to find the roaches? Here are some of the top spots.

1- The two most common rooms are the bathrooms and kitchens due to water and food being there.

2- The most common place for them is under the bottom shelf of the vanity or the kitchen cupboard. The water heater is also a common place – especially leaky ones.

3- The walls is probably the next most common area. Roaches can actually squeeze right through the outlet and into the wall. Then, the wires in the wall make great places for the roaches to walk on.

4- Roaches love pipes. Any pipe coming out of a wall is a good area they like. The pipe is something to walk on, it may be leak, and it is connected to everything they want to get to. It's like having your own superhighway built for you.

5- The toilets and sinks are a common place for roaches to come and get a drink. You can pour bleach in the toilets and down the drains to make the drinking water less desirable.

6- Under appliances is a common place for them. They also like to make nesting in the appliance insulation. If your appliance is infected, you should probably get rid of it and buy a new one.

7- Decayed, wet, and rotting wood are favorites of the roach. They can often be found in wood piles and in homes that have wet wood that is decaying.

8- A yard fountain is a popular roach place because they like the water. They may hide in all the bricks and stone really well.

Final Thought

Can anything hide better than a roach?